Year 2 Class News

Watch this space fill up with all our lovely learning this year!


Year 2 have made a fabulous start to their learning journey this year!

In English, we have immersed ourselves in the text ‘Little Red Reading Hood’ and looked at how this traditional tale has a twist! The children have developed a wide range of vocabulary through their experience days and we have talked lots about our own love for reading. The children have used what they have learnt to write their own traditional tales with a twist.

In Maths, our focus this term has been on the place value of numbers to 100. We have looked at different ways we can partition numbers through representations like: part-whole models, bar models and place value charts.

The children have loved learning about the Great Fire of London in their History topic and we even had a visit from the fire service so we could learn about how important they are today! The children were shocked to find out that in 1666 there wasn’t a proper fire brigade and the houses were so close together you could lean across the windows to touch each other!

We have also enjoyed exploring the school grounds in our Science topic: Living things and their habitats. We can successfully identify living things through the seven life processes and we have also explored different microhabitats around school.